Scandinavian Cider
What makes Scandinavian cider unique? The answer is special North European apple blend. Scandinavian Cider uses a proprietary mix of Baltic varieties of apples, including Tellisaare, Alwa Suislepp, Liivi Kuldrenett, Krugeri Tuvioun, and Talvenauding. This combination produces a harmonious blend of acid, tannin, and sweetness.
750 ml.
Scandi Apple Hard Cider
Apple Hard Cider
Traditional Nordic recipe with French influence in production, the Scandi hard pear cider is a modestly adorned sparkling cider that pushes out aromas of yeast, pear, green grapes and honeycomb.
750 ml.
Scandi Pear Hard Cider
Pear Hard Cider
Kauen Craft
KAUEN CRAFT BREWERY brings together a variety of experiences: recipes, traditions and innovations. SMART CRAFT – science and knowledge-based products meeting the highest quality standards.

KAUEN CRAFT has an open space for professionals, where the small brewers of the country create the future heritage of European brewing.
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