About our cider

The US federal government defines cider (apparently for tax purposes) as “a drink made from fermented apples with no more than 8% alcohol). In Pennsylvania, for example, cider is officially defined as “amber-golden, opaque, fermented completely soft juice squeezed from apples.” And with this simple and Americans have to live.
In fact, things are not so bad and young country, which has no long tradition of production and consumption of cider, is gaining momentum and catch up. Already grown generation that from childhood accustomed to the good old cider and found his rightful place among the strong family values.
In America today strongly represented different kinds of cider. And traditional English, German and fine apple wine, and lots of local producers. But the Scandinavian type of cider (Scandi) in the US is only our company.

Scandinavian cider

Our cider – a direct descendant of Norman ciders that are on a par with the recognition of Breton special and one of the best in the world.
Even a plant in Estonia, which produces scandi cider, opened in 1967, just at the time when the Normandy began to cut down the apple orchards of the fact that there were problems with the root system. For a long time this problem was solved, and the Normandy apple orchards in bloom again, but then, in the middle of the twentieth century Estonia as it took over.
In the years of Soviet power in the USSR in the small village Vohu Vein plant for the production of fruit wines he became plant-millionaire. The plant is surrounded by apple orchards with special cider varieties. Its territory is flowing river, full of trout plant endlessly supplying spring water two wells are located here.

Vohu Vein plant

Guests visiting the factory, admire everything. And especially – competently planned and extremely streamlined production process that combines humane technology of the 18th century with modern technology. The proportion of manual labor takes exactly as long as necessary to “Sunny wine” was alive. “Chip” of the plant – is automatic line, which is the product of blending gravity separation in the filter room and more – up to the bottling line. In the cellars of the plant throughout the year to maintain the same temperature.
In the production of apple cider recipe uses a traditional Norman cider from special varieties of pears, too, is made according to old recipes of the north. Bottles of sparkling cider Scandinavian with the smell of yellow apples, green grapes and golden honey in sodas, decorated modestly in northern reserved. Juicy pear cider spicy taste reminiscent of nutmeg, but softened by a sweet creamy mousse through which emerges a weak note of lemon peel. We hope that the rich taste of apple and pear cider will satisfy the Americans.
Our Scandinavian ciders – direct descendants of Norman. No twins, childhood stolen by gypsies. We pull this pure northern strand of the distant past in our difficult times. We have to do all the conditions – the harsh climate, the right materials, the guardians of tradition, established production, excellent professionals and love for cider