Cider basics

In the beginning there was an Apple…
Apple ciders have unique historical roots and the main technology stages are classic today. Cider is more than just a drink from fermented apples, it is blended nectar. And it consists of completely different juices extracted from various sorts of apples — sweet, sour and bitter-sharp. The fruits have been chosen, washed and milled to a pulp. Ground apples layers are stacked under press. Their pulp is completely squeezed juice. The juice is left to ferment. Fermentation occurs at a temperature of 4-16°. This is rather low temperature for fermentation, but it retains all the nuances of aroma. After filtering cider is bottled and is ready to drink. Sometimes a small batch of cider is aged in oak barrels – to add additional taste notes for lovers of cider.

 In the international classification of cider are three basic types, but in fact the taste of this drink an infinite set and each varies by country, region, compounding production and, of course, the combination of sour, sweet, sour, sweet, bitter-sweet and bitter varieties of apples.
Sweet cider (Doux, Sweet), produced exclusively from sweet varieties of apples. The taste and smell
It resembles apple juice contains only from 1.5 to 3% of alcohol. Sweet cider perfectly with desserts, fruit and chocolate.
Dry cider (Brut, Dry), produced and sour apple varieties. Drink strength of 4 to 5.5%, a tannic taste with a sour taste and a pronounced odor of wet apples. Dry cider is perfect for fish dishes, seafood and game.
Unfiltered (Traditionnal) cider. Drink unclear with sediment, it is the smell of slightly overripe apples and a strong acidity. Even after bottling cider fermentation lasts, so the traditional cider has the highest castle from 5.5 to 6.5%. With unfiltered cider are good fragrant cheeses, spicy snacks and fatty meat.
In addition to traditional species can also distinguish sparkling cider tastes like champagne, cider, bitter, astringent flavor which has an interesting, cider with the addition of juice of berries, fruits and herbs, hot cider with spices and so on.
And with the addition of cider pear juice even has a separate classification called Perry.

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